Unique Birthday Gifts For Women

Let's Help You Find That One Of A Kind Idea!

All women are beautiful, but most are complex. So finding a unique birthday gift for a woman can be extremely difficult.

To give a unique gift takes creativity and insight. It means you want to give something that no one else will think of, and she will not expect it at all.

When most women think of a birthday gift, they think of a wrapped up box or bag of something. The way you present the gift can prove to be most challenging if you want to be unique.

Let's pretend money is no issue!!

An overseas holiday as a birthday gift sure is unique, but present it differently: the air ticked wrapped up in a flag of the country you're going to, with some of that country's currency inside! Fix a ribbon to it to finish it off!

The same gift as above can be presented inside a beach sarong with the ticked inside and placed in a large sunhat. That's if you're going to a beachy destination.

If you can present someone with their own set of wheels, that sure will set you apart. Presentation is as always, key. The red ribbon on the roof has been done, but is still a great idea! Instead of just doing that, place the keys in a beautiful box, keys laying on top of a piece of velvet, tied up with luxurious ribbon. Then present that to her over dinner or drinks and to the car later on. Wow, now that is unique!!

Commissioning an artist to create a picture (a portrait of the lady concerned) or any other picture, sure is a unique gift that will stirr the heart strings and really are unique. If you know the lady well, you can commission a picture from the artist which contains all the aspects that she likes. The cost, time taken, thoughtful consideration and great effort will indeed be appreciated and wow, what a unique gift!

Making a photodiary in the shape of an album will take a lot of time and effort, but will be remembered forever. For this gift you will need pictures taken of the lady concerned and will have to be able to unite a short (or long) piece about the picture, why it's special, why you remember it and then combine the two. This can be done in a scrapbooking way with lots of trinkets, or in a very high-tech gloss way. The choice is yours! Make sure the message is clear, that she's special and worth the effort. Have it bound in the shape of your choice, for example as a book or bound with ribbon or any which way you prefer. This gift will forever be treasured and remembered. That's unique!

These are surely a few ideas for you to use, but there are so many more, so think out of the box and be creative.

Your unique gift will be treasured, displayed and held dear forever!!

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