Romantic Picnic Ideas

Ideas For A Memorable Romantic Picnic

Welcome to Romantic Picnic Ideas for Lovers!

There’s no better way to surprise your partner than a romantic birthday picnic! The possibilities are endless. Surprise the love of your life with a gift of love. This gift will tell him/her "It’s only you and me." This gift will say:

"You’re special!"
"You’re the only one!"
"I care!"
"To be with you is always fun!"

The Invitation

A romantic picnic starts off with a romantic invitation. Make it personal and do it verbally. Shhhht. Whisper. To whisper is to speak the language of intimacy. Your partner will immediately sense that something special is on its way. Invite him/her with a gentle “Come on, baby. Today it’s only you and me.”

The perfect spot

romantic birthday picnic spot

If you plan to keep the picnic a surprise, carefully choose a picnic spot ahead of time – a place where you know what to expect. Try to find a quiet spot with just nature and its sounds to surround the two of you. Keep in mind what the other one likes – is it the beach, or a river bank, simply in your backyard at the pool or in a field under a big oak tree?

Getting there

Beforehand, draw your loved one a love-map of how to reach the picnic spot. Indicate the final destination with a big read heart. Roll the map into a scroll and tie it up with a red ribbon. At least now you won’t meet him/her empty handed. Use written directions and instruct him/her to read one line at a time as you drive there. Use your best love language and include phrases like “Pace it at the stop street” or “take a lovely left or romantic right at the next turn off” or “mind the kissing corner”…

Stay secretive, although he/she might sense where all this is leading to. Just smile and wink and answer the many questions with a gentle shhhhh.

The Arrival

Once there, go out of your way to make him/her comfortable, laying out the picnic blanket, handing over a big continental pillow – this might even be included as one of your gits. Remember, today you serve. It's all about giving of yourself, sharing your love as a romantic birthday gift.

The Announcement

“Announce” that the picnic is your official birthday gift and make him/her understand how privileged you are to have him/her in your life and how special it is that you can share these precious moments to celebrate yet another year of his/her life together as a couple.

Speak softly and in a relaxing tone to add to the romantic atmosphere. Just for a moment – be serious and express your love and blessings as if for the very first time.

Other romantic picnic ideas might be to pre-record your message and play it on arrival, followed by a love song. If you're good at playing the guitar, write a simple song of a few lines and serenade! Nothing will compare or be more romantic than this.

What are Romantic Picnics About?

Romantic picnics are about enjoying good food in a relaxed atmosphere, in the company of your loved one.

You don’t have to be a star chef to pack a scrumptious picnic basket. Rather see yourself as a food artist, than a formal chef.

The Food

The success of a memorable romantic picnic lies in the art of:

  • uncomplicated food
  • prepared with love
  • from the bottom of your heart.

Prepare your basket so that eating with the eyes will become a true love feast.

romantic picnic bread

Add something romantically French like big exotic breads garnished with rosemary or olives. Very important – wrap the breads in linen. If you have a good hand at baking, make some heart shaped breads, it'll be worth it!

For the main meal, prepare chicken or steak kebabs or riblets will be equally good finger food.

Finger eating immediately breaks the ice and contributes to the relaxed romantic feeling of the whole event.

Add some color!

romantic picnic cherries

Use dried fruit, cherry tomatoes, even cherries or strawberries! Blend in the color of love. If you're short of time, just do it with an Italian touch and pack slices of your favorite pizza, each slice wrapped in tinfoil and tied with a flat red ribbon.

For Your Sweetie

romantic picnic sweets

Get hold of heart shaped sweeties, either in a tin (another great gift!) or buy them loose and throw them in a brown paper bag. Tie the bag once again with lovely red satin ribbon. Go the extra mile and design a Love Note to finish it off in the most romantic way.

Great romantic picnic ideas: Ask your local bakery to prepare a photo-cake of the two of you. Hand them one of your favorite photos. The cake must just be sizable for two. What a surprise! This will really show you went out of your way for this one. Decorate the cake box with black and white photocopies of the very same photo you used on the cake. Tie the box up with a red ribbon or bow.

More Romantic Ideas

romantic picnic love notes

For more romantic picnic ideas, use a permanent marker to write love notes at the sides of your sneakers and let your love explore and read them all. This can be a whole lot of fun. Even write on the inside and under the soles. Be specific – like “Happy 27th birthday my angel!” or “December 2010 – you’re simply the best of all men!!!” (if you’re a woman). To take this one step further, get him/her a pair of sneakers too and declare right there and then your love at his/her feet.

Scribble your love notes all over!

romantic picnic heart shaped leaves

Pack heart shaped leaves, or pieces of tree bark in the form of a heart, or if you have a beach picnic – draw hearts and love symbols in the sand.

Play with shells to write the words "I LOVE YOU!" Have fun! Build a sand castle and dream big dreams together.

Another great picnic idea:

Take a black board and write with chalk your picnic menu and let it lean against a tree... or use it as a "flat table", get creative!

Or use the blackboard to write your own set of
"Picnic Rules".

Include phrase like "lots of kissing", "no third parties" and dish up something silly like "only the most wonderfullest of wonderfulliest people allowed" - think back and include some of your own lovey-dovey term of endearments.

When at a river, organize a boat ride and if possible, row a canoe yourself.

Just the two of you!

Time to Wrap Up

Now’s the perfect time to give your lover a small romantic gift as a goodbye surprise. It does not need to be something big. Just a little something to say “I can’t live without you, I love you so much, I need you, You’re part of me and Happy Birthday!”

Just open your heart, outpour your love and more romantic picnic ideas will enter!

May you build memories for years to come. Make use of these romantic picnic ideas, because this is what they are. Just ideas... but you can turn them into magic moments!

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