Romantic Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts That Shout "I Love You!"

~ Romantic Birthday Gifts ~

Single Flowers Or A Whole Bunch

romantic birthday flowers

Romantic Birthday Flowers

To a lady it conveys, you're beautiful and ladylike, and I thought of you when I saw this flower(s).

Never underestimate the effect of abundant, freshly-cut flowers. The pretty colors and fragrances create the perfect backdrop for a romantic time together.

Tickets To A Show/Theatre/Dinner

romantic show gifts

This shows: I thought of you,
I made an effort
(you're worth my effort)
and I want to spend time
with ONLY you!

Nothing compares to the knowing
that someone wants to spend time
with only you.

That is super romantic!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon romantic birthday gift

In the early morning or to watch the sun set over cocktails, it sure takes some organizing and says "I Love You" in capital letters.

This works great as a surprize
and gets full-"romantic"-marks.

For The Adventurous Types

snorkel romantic gifts

Skydiving, snorkelling or anything daring. Please be sure the person you're into also enjoys this as it can make or break any romantic notions you may have.

Simple Picnic Basket On The Beach Or In Nature

romantic picnic birthday ideas

Romantic Birthday Picnic

Make sure you have all the elements here - candles, champagne, a great gift (which does not have to be big) and a birthday card or poem. Find out what your partner loves to or nibble and enjoy!

A Special CD Or Song Download

romantic song birthday gift

This is a very
specific way to
convey a romantic
intention or play a
special song which
holds significance.

An Expression Of Love In The Form Of Art

artist romantic gift ideas

If you're an artist at heart, make something beautiful, unique and useful to express your romantic intentions.

It can speak louder than any word ever could.

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