Romantic Birthday Cards

Romantic birthday cards are wonderful because, when you see that envelope, you realise that somebody had taken some time to look for a card that has all the elements they were looking for, that reminded them of you.

romantic birthday cards

These elements are a beautiful picture on the front, enough and appropriate words to express their feelings, and enough space for them to express what they wish to, in writing.

A romantic birthday card holds even more!

It in essence holds a declaration of love on this really special day. The size of the card does matter at times and bigger in this case, is better! Let the size speak of the volume of love being given/felt.

The picture of a romantic card should look romantic as well, maybe flowers or a picnic with a sunset, a picture of you and your loved one can be extra special, or any other picture that envokes feelings of romance.

Sometimes it's hard to decide when buying/purchasing, but only you know what romantic messsage you're trying to convey, so choose the most appropriate one.

A card does not have to be the ordinary rectangular one which flips open. Be creatvie and extra romantic and make one. Maybe a rose shaped one, a heart shaped one, in the shape of a hot air balloon (maybe you have that lined up as a birthday gift...), or an ice cream - if that is where you're taking him/her, if that's all that the budget allows.

Be creative!! Making your own or choosing one to match your gift, will definately be seen as romantic, because time and trouble had been taken to select one that would be perfect for the person and occassion.

Then all that's left to do, is stick the envelope closed, spray on some perfume, deliver and...

wait for the (romantic) response!!

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