How To Thread A Needle

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I always thought I knew the correct way of how to thread a needle, but only recently discovered that I did not know all the "ins and outs" of needlework after all. I'll share with you what I've learnt and how this small piece of information contributed in making my homemade gift projects a relaxing experience!

Did you know that a piece of thread has polarity? In other words - it has positive and negative ions. Sometimes when you try to thread a needle, the thread gets all tangled up - and so does one's emotions too! How can one avoid this from happening?

Golden Rule #1

  • The piece you cut
  • is the piece you thread
  • is the piece you knot.

Got it? Pull that thread right through to the bottom! This action balances the "poles" of the thread and voila, you won't ever have your thread tangling and knotting at the most inconvenient of times.

Golden Rule #2

Never cut your thread too long. Only the distance from the one hand to the other if you have your elbows rested at both sides of your middle and your arms slightly held out to the sides.

Golden Rule #3

Only hold the tip of the thread between your finger tips, while bringing the needle closer. Not the other way round - the hand holding the thread must keep still! Ensure that the tip is cut off clearly with no fluff in the way. Use a sharp pair of scissors for doing this. Now carefully push your thread through the eye of the needle. It works every time!

How To Knot Your Thread For Quilting

Once you've mastered the threading action, get yourself ready for another nugget of sewing wisdom:

  • Hold the needle still with your one hand in a slightly raised position, sharp edge of the needle pointing away from your fingers.
  • Now use your other hand and take the loose end of the thread that's hanging down by the end bring it towards the hand holding the needle in order to make a loop.
  • Grip the loose end with the hand holding the needle. Now roll the thread twice over the needle, from front to back.
  • Hold firmly and pull the needle through the two "rolls".

You've completed a knot in the correct way! Now your handstitched gifts will be secure and not come loose.

It's definately worth equipping yourself with all sorts of techniques as you make your handcrafted gifts. You will feel more proud about the end results, knowing they are gifts of value that will bring much joy.

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