Handmade Gifts For Mom

Make Her Proud And Spoil Mom With YOUR Handmade Gift!

Handmade gifts for mom may include anything, well... that's made by hand...

by you!

Your gift for your mother will always stay special and highly valued if you make it by hand, yourself. What is so special about a handmade gift? It immediately conveys the message that you have:

  • dedicated some precious time
  • made a special effort
  • esteemed mom highly enough to honor her with such a gift!
  • put in some thought and planning.

handmade gifts for mom pin cushion ideas

A great idea and also an easy project to start with, is a handmade pincushion!

If you're a beginner sewer, don't fear: birthday-gift-box is near. We'll teach you in small do-able steps exactly how to sew some perfect hand quilting stitches and we'll even share our secrets on how to thread a needle. The bonus: we'll include your very own free pincushion patterns to print out and choose from.

Explore the Japanese quilting style (which is sewn by hand)and make use of this easy quilting patterns to sew a quilted pincushion.

Not only will YOU have loads of fun and fulfillment, but your mom will be so happy and honored to receive your "handmade with LOVE" gifts.

Happy Sewing!

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