Handmade Gift Ideas

"Handmade With LOVE" - by me!

Nothing beats the feeling of preparing a handmade gift. For lots of handmade gift ideas, scroll down and grab an idea that grabs you first!

The first thought that jumps to mind when receiving a handcrafted gift, is that you must hold a very special place in that person's heart. Even if you're not the world's finest crafter, this is the place where you can learn to make that something special for a special person.

We'll cover different projects, anything from easy quilting crafts to crochet items and felt broaches. All you need is small off-cut pieces of different materials. If you make a memory item, say for your mom, be creative and get hold of special pieces of fabric like her maternity dress, your first pieces of clothing as a baby, maybe a piece of your blanket? Now just don't cut up her wedding dress of four generations!

You'll need patterns with clearcut instructions - and this we will provide with each project.

All you need to bring is lots of motivation and love and we're ready to go!

First Project:

Quilted Pincushion - the perfect handmade gifts for moms!

STEP 1: Your FREE Pattern:

Click here get your free quilting template in PDF printout, or right-click to download it.

STEP 2: How to quilt your 2 blocks:

More tips for this project:

How to thread a needle
Tips to perform hand quilting stitches

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