Hand Quilting Stitches

Learn The Easiest Quilting Stitch For Your Handmade Gifts!

You probably found this page, because you needed some advice on hand quilting stitches. We'll cover a few basic steps on hand sewing techniques. This will give you confidence to proceed with your handmade gifts.

Once you've learnt to sew properly and lay a steady foundation for yourself, you'll gain experience to try various styles and patterns to sew by hand. It's after all very easy, it's fun and a good skill to aquire and pass on to next generations.

Let's prepare for sewing the easiest stitch ever!

  • Choose the correct needle. I prefer a shorter needle, often used for quilting by hand. It handles much easier than a longer needle and if only I knew that from the start, it would've saved me much frustration! The quilting needle also has a sharp point.
  • Thread your needle in the correct way by following these instructions carefully. Once you start using this method, threading a needle won't stress you out any longer! Click on the above link to aslo learn how to knot your tread in the proper way.

Ready to go? Let's sew!

  • Hold the fabric firm and push the needle down through all the layers of fabric, making a small stitch at the bottom by catching 2 or 3 threads.
  • Now reach for the top again. This makes one stitch.
  • Continue in this way until you've finished your line of stitching.
  • Try to make small stitches. Your stitching size will vary according to your style. This is perfectly in order, as long as they are more or less the same in length.

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