Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts That'll Leave A Lasting Impression!

~ Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas ~

Inside info... (for guys!)

To buy a girl friend a gift is to buy a gift that you absolutely love and would sureley buy for yourself. But because girl friends care and take care of each other, you sacrifice it and give it away!

These gifts can include things like:

girlfriend birthday present ideas

  • handbags
  • an exotic colorful leather purse
  • facials or massages
  • make up
  • jewelry
  • flowers
  • plants
  • gift certificates
  • an invite to tea
  • theatre tickets
  • a scarve
  • hat
  • a two month gym subscription
  • floral arranging course
  • her favorite magazine subscription
  • an offer to babysit
  • a haircut/style
  • pashmina
  • a bottle of perfume, or
  • any other accessory

If You Are A Guy

If you are a guy and want to buy your girlfriend a birthday gift, you can choose from the list above, but: flowers , a soppy card and even a helium filled balloon will also be most appropriate.

(Anything practical for her bedroom, home, garden or car, is not suitable as girlfriend gift ideas.)

It must be heartfelt and have taken careful thought and planning. So go ahead and pick any of the ideas listed! It sure will leave a lasting impression and you'll be very popular!

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