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You can print this "one of a kind" birthday party coloring page for free by simply following these easy printout instructions:

  • Save the "Dolphin design" to your computer by right clicking on the coloring picture below.
  • Then select the "save picture as" or "save image as" and save it to your computer.
  • Print each picture according to your default settings for a regular 8-1/2 x 11 page.

dolphin coloring pages for birthday parties

Everyone loves dolphins. They're such

  • clever animals and
  • excellent communicators
  • - and also very social beings, just like you, having your birthday!

We can associate in many ways with these ocean animals and it's no wonder that we so often choose them as our Birthday Theme.

How are we the same?

  • We both move at an average speed of between 5 and 12km/h
  • Be both use radar to find things, theirs are just built into their bodies and they use it to find food and to navigate
  • We're both mammals and warm blooded

More interesting facts:

  • Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes under water
  • They can swim up to 260m under the water surface
  • The brain of the bottlenose dolphin weighs 2-300g more than the average human brain
  • The killer whale, also known as the Orca, is actually the largest dolphin species.

Fun Dolphin Birthday Poem

(To all the dolphin crazies ) -

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Today we'll laugh and play.

Jump on a dolphin...

Dive and relax or
make a big splash!

Have a Dashy Dolphin Birthday!

- by Phebe La Grange -

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