Free Printable Birthday Coloring Pages

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Find your favorite themed coloring pages, all of them now with a magical "birthday touch"!

birthday girl coloring pages

Birthday Gift Box tends to the needs of both girls and boys. We bring you a
w-i-d-e variety of themes for hours of birthday coloring fun.

Your finished masterpiece will make a great gift for the birthday boy or the birthday girl.

Is it your birthday today? Print out your favorite design and when finished coloring, put it up where you can view it and think:

"Happy Birthday!"... today is my special day!

Happy Birthday Word Designs To Print Out

- Free to Print Out and P-A-R-T-Y!!! -

Happy Birthday Coloring Page
Birthday Coloring Pages
Happy Birthday Coloring Pages
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Coloring Pages
Birthday Coloring

Birthday Queen
Birthday Queen or King!

List of Coloring Themes:
Birthday Gift Box Presents
Birthday Party
Birthday Cake
DOLPHIN coloring pages
Fairy Coloring Pages
Giraffe Coloring Pages
Girly Fun!
MORE Girly fun!
Princess coloring pages
Fairy coloring pictures
Basket Ball
Queen Coloring Pages
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Think of your friends' interests and spoil them with something that'll make them feel special.

Grab some ideas:

If your friend is a horse lover, print and color a horse picture.

Maybe your friend is crazy about balloons - well, color them a balloon picture and surprise them with a few bright colored balloons tied to strings. Or even better: take a packet of balloons with and have some silly birthday fun time together by blowing up balloons and letting them splurt all over! (This is after all a lot more easy than getting him/her a real horse...)

What would be more appropriate than a cute puppy picture for a friend who has received a real puppy for his birthday?

Or your friend who's always telling a good joke and has the best sense of humor in the world - a clown picture will be perfect!

Your class teacher will definately appreciate a gift of scented candles, accompanied by a candle-themed picture.

The same goes for your basket ball coach, maybe a nice box of chocolates (for energy!) plus your basket ball picture.

Don't forget mom: has she baked or bought you a cake? Then the cake picture will be a nice "thank you" for her. She'll feel that you appreciate her time and efforts!

Remember: Birthdays are special and don't have too many rules! So - go wild! Let your imagination loose and surprise the special people in your life with your coloring creations.

Happy Birthday!

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