Birthday Cake Coloring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages For Your Birthday!

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free printable birthday cake coloring pages

The connection between cakes and birthdays?

Surely the two must be related to each other because of the festive element! The highlight of many a birthday revolves around the cutting of the birthday cake.

It's putting the cherry on the celebration! Cutting the cake and having a slice is like making the statement official: you've been blessed and kept for another year for your loved ones.

So cut the cake, have a mouthful,lick your fingers and celebrate!

Enjoy this free to print coloring pages and please tell your friends about them. If time is an issue (and for many of us it is these days!), simply print and color this page and write a note to your friend, telling him/her that you would've loved to have cake together, but you'll pop in some other time. The token will be much appreciated!

Have a scrumplicious b'day!

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