40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas To Make A 40th B'day Memorable

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Gifts for a 40th birthday celebration ought to be fun, sophisticated or even naughty!!! It is, after all, called The Naughty Forties!!

These gifts should have some level of maturity and luxury, and by no means does this mean expensive.

For the ladies...

this could mean a bottle of perfume- find out her favourite, a gorgeous handbag (name brand if you like), or maybe an ostrich leather handbag , a birthday cake (click here for some fabulous 40th birthday cake ideas....), an early morning surprise breakfast, thé most beautiful flower from your garden, a pair of lacey knickers or underwear. Even if your friend is a girl, a wicked pair of stilettoes or how about a lovely gift basket , filled to the brim with all that’s good.

For The Guys...

a decadent shirt, a massage at a spa, a fabulous 40th birthday cake with a voluptuous lady in a bikini/ naughty underwear with only his name “tattooed” on her butt. A real treat for the adventurous type is to book a skydive, snorkel or bungee event.

Turning 40 is the start of life’s great adventures, so now is the time to… err….err… jump in!

No man should turn 40 without a snakeskin, crocodile or ostrich leather belt. A real showpiece if you ask me!

So go on, think out of the box, the gift box that is, and make someone’s 40th memorable and fantastic!

Need ideas for 40th birthday wishes? Turning 40 means to stand still, look back and reflect on your life. Grab some tips for 40th Birthday Wishes!

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