40th Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

A 40th Birthday gift basket has a certain mystery to it, and who does not like a bit of mystery especially on ones birthday!!

Usually it’s filled to the brim with yummy eats. This occasion does not have to be any different. Fill it up with eats and treats that are unusual and delectable.

But, baskets does not have to contain eats only.

It can contain:

  • Beauty products
  • Lingerie and candles
  • Books for a bookworm
  • Crafts for a crafter
  • Locomotives/cars for a collector
  • Paints/stationery for an artist
  • Cloth and ribbon for a seamstress
  • Jewellery and scarves

Baskets can take on any shape. It can be a normal ordinary basket, or it can be a treasure chest, a bread bin, a bicycle carrier, fishing net, a cake tin or backpack.

Go ahead it is an intriguing and most special way to give a gift!! Have fun, just think out of the box, the birthday gift box!!!!!

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