40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Welcome to Birthday Gift Box's 40th Birthday Cake Ideas!

Everyone on the planet should have a fabulously unusual birthday cake at least once in their life, as 40 is a milestone birthday, it surely is that time.

Boring and usual is so last year, and fun, funny, funky and out-of-the-box-fabulous is in! If there were rules, they exist no more. Here are a few examples:

  • For someone who love handbags or shoes, have the cake shaped as that with as much feathers and bling, as well as style and sophistication.
  • For the woman who loves her tea, a cake shaped into a cup and saucer decorated with polka dot or flowers will make her feel like the Queen at her High Tea.
  • For the guy who loves his Lamborghini or Harley Davidson motorcycle, let you confectioner do their magic and make it come to life. Personalise it with his name on the number plate or in his favourite color. This can even be in the shape of a helicopter or in the shape of a wind- or kitesurf board. All you need is a bit of imagination!!
  • For the lady who loves vintage, why not have an old fashioned hat-shaped cake made? The ideas and shapes are endless, as vintage is laden with many special ideas. Add special things like feathers, polka dots, stripes or a bit of bling!!

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